7 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

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7 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

Published: 10 February 2022

Ahhhh weddings... Everybody loves to attend, but planning one can be pretty challenging. Some couples dream about big, traditional weddings in large venues, extravagant decoration, and many guests. On the other hand, others decide to celebrate their love within the small circle of their dearest and closest friends and family. It all comes to one thing - what do you and your other half want. After all, it's your big day. Yes, big weddings are beautiful, but there is something to be said about smaller, more intimate ones. Embracing this Less Is More approach definitely comes with many perks. So, in the spirit of things, we decided to shower you with a list of 7 reasons to have a small wedding. Let's see what they are!

Easier to plan

Planning a wedding is not an easy task, especially if you're having a massive celebration with 100+ guests. Believe it or not, planning this big event can turn into a full-time job. It requires time, money, and nerves of steel. Since not everything can go according to plan, you'll have to have a plan B for practically everything, especially if things go wrong at the last second (unexpected rain, for example). On the other hand, small weddings are much easier to plan. You can be more flexible with the venue, food, drinks, seating, etc. It's certainly easier to change the menu for 50 people than 200, right? In addition, when planning a smaller wedding, there are fewer details involved and, thus, fewer things to worry about. This implies it's easier to plan the wedding of your dreams if you decide to make it smaller. This is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to have a small wedding.

More venue options

Big weddings are often restricted to traditional venues. On the other hand, if you're having a small wedding, your venue options are much more expansive. For example, you can get married in your favourite local restaurant, a private garden, or a small villa. You can even get married in your backyard! What we're trying to say is that your options are practically endless; you can think outside of the box and make a venue out of any place you want. So, you choose your favourite place in the world and get married there. It will make your wedding day so much more special.


You can focus on details

When it's a smaller scale, it's so much easier to bring your wedding vision to life! Your interest board may quickly become a reality. When you're not pouring a huge amount of money into a venue and other major categories, you can invest more into details that will make your wedding unique and memorable, from personalised gift bags and a special area for taking fun photos to the unique decoration on every table. Tiny details like this will make your small wedding more intimate and special to everybody attending it.

Smaller budget

An obvious benefit of a smaller big day is a smaller budget. With fewer guests on your list, you'll be saving money on key categories. This includes seating, food & drinks, invitations, transportation, and even accommodation if your guests are flying in. In addition, you'll be able to cut on some venue expenditures such as tables and flower arrangements. All this will save you a ton of money. The best part about it? You can invest this extra money in an exotic honeymoon destination, house renovation, car, or anything else that's on your list of priorities. You can even use this money on your new house. So, prepare for moving in together and get ready to share your home forever! Instead of spending it on people you'll see only on your wedding day and never again after it, spend it on something you actually need or want!

Less stress

Wedding planning causes major stress for everyone, especially the bride. Brides always want everything to be perfect, just the way they imagined their big day to be. However, many things can go wrong, and this can cause some big problems. When you're having a big wedding, it can be tough to find a different solution for certain things (venue, caterers, dresses, etc.). So, it's absolutely normal to feel pressured, anxious, angry, and scared all the time. Add opinionated friends and family on top of that, and it's a whole new level of disaster! On the other hand, the vibe is so much more relaxed when you're organising a smaller wedding. Of course, you'll stress about some things. However, as we already said, it's so much easier to plan a smaller wedding and overcome potential problems. It's actually not that hard to manage the event with a small guest list!

More intimate atmosphere

One of the best things about having a small wedding is an intimate atmosphere. This is a great thing if your and your partner's family don't know each other. They can finally have a chance to meet and bond while celebrating your love together. This intimate and cosy environment will get everyone to talk to each other and spend quality time together. And who knows, maybe your guests will form life-long friendships at your wedding. On the other hand, when you have a big wedding, guests usually split into smaller groups and only chat with people they already know. This is precisely why it's better to have a small wedding.


You get to spend your big they with people you care about

Having a small wedding means you'll be surrounded by people you love and cherish the most. You'll share the most special day in your life with people who are actually there to celebrate you and your love. Isn't that what weddings are really about? Moreover, many brides and grooms say their wedding was such a blur because they were rushing to speak to everybody and greet them properly, they barely got time to sit down and eat. Small weddings are much more relaxed. You'll have a chance to spend time with everyone, have fun, and enjoy your big day. Additionally, you won't have to pretend like you know every distant relative and small talk with everyone. Smaller weddings are simply more meaningful!

In conclusion

Deciding between a small and a big wedding is never easy. There are so many factors to take into account. That's why we decided to help you out and give you these 7 reasons to have a small wedding. From a more intimate atmosphere and a simpler planning process to a smaller budget and less stress. All these benefits are pretty convincing, aren't they? Therefore, take a moment to consider all of them, so you can decide what's best for you and your partner. Good luck!