7 Things to Do the Day After the Wedding

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7 Things to Do the Day After the Wedding

Published: 16 June 2022

It is understandable to want to relax as a newlywed couple after a fantastic night of dancing, drinking, and marrying the love of your life. However, there are still things that need your attention the day after the wedding. And because we know how stressful it can be to think of small details after having to plan a wedding, we put together a list of things you need to check after you said: I do. So here are some suggestions of things to do the day after the wedding.

Have a lazy morning

After months of planning and a crazy night, you could use some relaxation. So you could start the day after the wedding with a lazy morning together. After all, no one can blame you for wanting to spend some time alone with your spouse after having had so little time for each other in the past several weeks. Therefore, sleep a bit late, have breakfast in bed, and bring out the Mrs. and Mr. coffee mugs. Make the official announcement on social media regarding your marriage, and update your last name if it has changed. Open up some presents and write down who you need to thank for what. Plan the remainder of your day together and start enjoying your new life as husband and wife.

Thank and tip your vendors

Your vendor team put in a lot of energy, time, and effort to create your perfect wedding. They took care of your flowers and arrangements, the meals, the music, and everything in between. So, in addition to personally thanking them for their efforts and paying them according to the contract, be sure to leave a little extra. There is no specific amount that you should give them, but tipping them well is considered good etiquette. Furthermore, let the whole world know if you liked your vendors and collaborated with them perfectly. Make social media posts about them, tag them in your posts, and leave reviews. That will help them grow their business and assist other couples in finding the best vendors.


Check the venue

You wouldn't want to forget important things at your venue, thus do a final check-up the day after the wedding. If there were a lot of DIY items and rentals that you need to return, double-check that everything is in the correct number. You do not want to be charged extra for a misplaced table decoration. Also, ensure that you return everything rented on time, or you will have to pay an additional fee. Additionally, if you have many items to carry, don't hesitate to ask some of your wedding guests for help.

Clean and store your wedding dress

Your lovely gown deserves to be cherished once you have undressed it. So, if you plan on keeping it for many years, have it cleaned and stored as soon as possible. The longer you wait with the cleaning, the harder it will be to remove any stains on it. And even if you do not plan on passing down your wedding gown to your daughter, it is still a wonderful wedding memory to keep. As a result, contact your bridal gown shop for cleaning recommendations or hire a professional to clean it. When it is clean, start looking for climate-controlled storage units where you can deposit your wedding gown safely. Once you have rented the unit, get all the necessary supplies and your dress and make sure to prepare it for storage. Place the dress on a quality hanger and put it in a ventilated garment bag. You can now store the gown safely for as long as you need.

Have an informal brunch

A brunch is a great opportunity to spend a little time with your family and close friends after the wedding, especially with those who travelled from out of town and would appreciate your attention. Furthermore, you will be travelling for your honeymoon shortly and could use some downtime before you begin packing. Therefore, call those close to you to share a meal and talk about how the wedding was. It can be a brunch, luncheon, or barbecue. It doesn't matter as long as you are together with those you love.


Reuse, repurpose, recycle

If you had a sustainable wedding you would want to keep it like that until the end. Therefore, make use of what leftovers you have to reduce any waste. For instance, if you have leftover cake, have a couple of slices frozen for your first wedding anniversary. If you have leftover food, throw an after-wedding party with your closest friends to finish it off. Or have it packed and delivered to a nursing home or a social canteen. You can use leftover wedding favours in your home if they consist of cups or towels, or you can gift them. As for the flowers, you can have them delivered to a nearby hospital. Alternatively, you can reuse them to make potpourri bowls that you can gift. Or you can have them dried and make dried flower arrangements.

Treat yourselves to some spa time

You deserve some pampering once you finish the things to do the day after the wedding. As a result, book a couple's day at the spa and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. Choose from massages for couples, facial treatments, mud baths, saunas, or anything else "on the menu." Even better, you can choose to have them all. And if you are lucky, the spa may even treat newlyweds to champagne and chocolates. In the end, a bit of spa pampering could be the perfect ending for your first day as Mr. and Mrs.


Final thoughts: Wedding planning is stressful, and when the big day arrives, it is over before you can catch a breath. However, there are still things that you will need to do even if the wedding is over. And, because many couples overlook key details like thanking vendors or cleaning the gown, having a reminder is helpful. Therefore, consider using this article as your checklist for things you need to do the day after the wedding.