Cheapest Cocktail Destinations For Your Hen Do

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Cheapest Cocktail Destinations For Your Hen Do

Published: 03 March 2020

Before the ceremony, the bouquets and the I do​’​s comes the most exciting ritual of them all. It’s a celebration not for the faint-hearted but is arguably just as momentous as the big day itself; Enter, the hen do... If you’ve ever planned a hen celebration - Kudos to you! The hardest part is making a start and getting a group of wildly different girlfriends to agree on one place for the same budget is no mean feat. For most hens, the main deciding factor on whether to attend is cost, and finding budget-friendly options to suit everyone can be a real challenge. If you’re a maid of honour trying to plan a feminist fiesta your entire bridal party will love, look no further! We’ve gathered the cheapest destinations in Europe based on cocktail price, so you can all say farewell to your friend’s freedom with a ​drink i​ n hand and money to spare. Whether you’re looking to pamper or party or maybe even both at the same time, there really is something for everyone. Read on and you’ll be pinning this blog to the Whatsapp group quicker than you can say ‘​Piña colada!​’


For the hen party looking to relax... Budapest Average Cocktail Price: £4.97 If returning to the UK feeling more zen than you left sounds like your idea of hen party heaven, Budapest could be the place for you. Known as the city of spas, there are thermal baths around every corner, so you can indulge and relax by day. A cocktail comes in at under £5 too, leaving more money to spend on relaxation treatments! For the hen party looking for culture... Berlin Average Cocktail Price: £5.93 If you’re a group of hedonistic hens interested in art and culture, why not consider Berlin? It’s home to the Brandenburg Gate, the East Side Gallery and the infamous Berghain super club. With so much to do it’s impossible to be bored in this city, so keeping everyone entertained won’t be a problem. A cocktail comes in at £5.93, which is about mid-range on our list but still very affordable.


For the hen party looking for sun, sea and sand... Crete Average Cocktail Price: £4.22 In Crete, you’ll find turquoise lagoons and sandy white beaches, as well as the most vibrant wildlife of all the Greek islands. If you’re looking to combine a hen do with a holiday it’s an ideal choice. Crete is incredibly hospitable and the residents love to throw a ​glendi ​(party), so you’ll feel right at home. If Greece is good enough for the Mamma Mia wedding cast it’s good enough for us! Tenerife ​or ​Fuerteventura Average Cocktail Prices: £5.07 & £3.39  Organising a hen do outside of peak season but craving warmer climates? Tenerife or Fuerteventura could be great options for you and your hen party. They’re both subtropical sunny and mild the whole year-round, so you’ll return with a sun-kissed glow even if it’s March or October!


We’ve touched on a few amazing destinations, but you can view the full list ranked in order of cocktail price ​(put together by Holiday Gems)​ ​by visiting