Fun Wedding Themes You and Your Partner Should Consider

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Fun Wedding Themes You and Your Partner Should Consider

Published: 22 April 2021

Choosing the best rings, location, dress, and cake is not enough to pull off a successful wedding. Nowadays, couples take more time to think of a wedding theme to make their special day more personal. Watching breathtaking videos of wedding ceremonies and receptions with elegant themes on social media boost the excitement, and at the same time, the pressure of pulling off a beautiful wedding theme. More often than not, coming up with a successful theme leads couples into a spiral of worries because they find it hard to choose a suitable theme for their personalities and aesthetically pleasing. If you are experiencing the same frustration, fret no more! In this article, we have rounded up a few crazy yet unique ideas to spice up the biggest day of your life. Read on to know more!


Fairy Tale Theme Also known as a Cinderella wedding, a fairytale-themed wedding will surely satisfy the Disney kid inside you. A wedding with this theme will have all the elements that make the couple and guests like princesses and princes. In the reception, you can incorporate magical elements such as horse-drawn carriages, a castle as backdrop, thrones, orchestra music, perhaps your favorite Disney music to get the entire feel of the theme! Golf Theme A tad bit odd, right? But that is what makes this theme exceptional! This theme is a great way to celebrate your love for your life partner and golf. If you and your partner consider golf as an integral part of your relationship, then what’s stopping you from sending out scorecard invites today? Wine glasses, golf ball key chains, keepsake boxes, and luggage tags are only some elements that reflect the couple’s love for golf. You and your partner can also get creative with the table setup—replace conventional table numbers with various famous golf courses and you can add some golf nets around the venue!


Bohemian Theme Skip the indoor reception with a boho-style party! This incredibly fantastic theme has a colour scheme that blends harmoniously in a green garden—the earthy colours, tribal accents, and colourful flowers are what make this theme awesome in many ways. For the bride, choose a dress that is flowy, lacey, and feels in harmony with your style and nature. Fill the greenery with natural elements, dream catchers, boho rugs, fairy lights, and swings around the area! If you and your partner want a humble but aesthetically pleasing theme, the boho style may be the best fit for your wedding. Nautical Theme With maritime motifs, sailor stripes, and anchor accents, your wedding theme will surely make waves on the internet! You and your partner will only get to tie the knot once, so to make it more thrilling, go overboard with the nautical theme! In the reception location, put up a boat at the center. This boat will signify that you and your spouse are finally in the same boat of life! Design the guest tables with lighthouses—not only it sticks to the theme, but it also signifies that these people will help you and your spouse navigate through the rough waves of life. If you are looking for a meaningful theme that will leave your guests in awe, go for this one!


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