Guide to Picking the Right Wedding Venue

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Guide to Picking the Right Wedding Venue

Published: 07 September 2022

A dream wedding is something many women and men want. What seems to slip away is the amount of work and planning that goes into every single wedding reception. No matter how big or small your wedding should be, it's essential to plan it months ahead to have peace of mind. One of the main segments of your wedding is picking the right wedding venue, which many find complicated. However, all it takes is research, budget planning, and, most importantly - patience! Only then can you have an effortless wedding preparation and begin your special day with ease and a smile on your face!

Picking the right wedding venue depends on how big you want your wedding to be

Do you dream of a spectacular big wedding with lots of guests, food, music, and fireworks? Or do you prefer a close-people-only wedding celebration? Whatever your preferences are, they will require the venue where your special day will take place. In addition, you should consider a few essential factors before settling for any venue option.

Date vs. location - what to choose first?

If you pick the venue first and remain flexible about the dates, you're more likely to have it booked. If you want to get married on a specific date, keep in mind that the venue options are limited.


Make a guest list

List all the guests you would like to see at your wedding. Invite them early on and ask for a confirmation before you book the venue. Remember that the number of guests will play a significant role in choosing the best venue for your wedding. Also, don’t forget to check on time with each guest whether they are allergic to certain food ingredients, spices, etc. Vegan guests will have special food needs as well. That is why you must check with the venues if they can adjust the menu for your guests.

Plan a wedding budget on time

When you have an insight into your wedding budget, it becomes easier to plan the rest. Expenses that amount to the final cost of your wedding would be: ● Venue ● Food and drinks ● Wedding cake ● Music ● Professional photographer ● Photo shooting ● Staff Any additional service will increase the cost. Also, make sure to plan the finances months ahead. Let the amount be a bit higher, just in case. Better to have additional money aside than to worry whether there is enough for everything.


Hire a wedding consultant

Finding a perfect venue becomes a less time-consuming process with professional assistance. Nowadays, skilled wedding consultants leave nothing to chance regarding wedding receptions. They help you plan everything top to bottom and play an essential role in the seating schedule and all organisational aspects. Therefore, take some time for a brief internet search, and you'll notice many reputable wedding consultants across the UK. Choose at least several consultants with the best customer service. Refer to online reviews that speak about their expertise. Also, ask someone you know for a recommendation. Contact several wedding companies and conduct a short interview. Don’t hesitate to ask them anything wedding-related that comes to mind. Moreover, this is the best way to get in touch with consultants who have your best interest at heart. Once you are done interviewing them, choose the one that seems the most suitable for your wedding.

Pack glassware and other wedding decor and put them into storage

If you want unique glassware for your wedding, it's better to keep it in special dish packs or padded cardboard boxes. Make sure to wrap each item with layers of packing paper before putting it in the box. Add an extra layer of packing paper or a clean fabric for extra security. Close the lid, and seal it cross-wise up to several times. Use strong packing tape and a packing gun. Finding affordable and quality boxes at certified moving companies is also possible. You will need a safe place to store packed glassware until the day of your wedding. That way, you'll successfully prevent damage and breaking and remain worry-free. Indoor, climate-controlled storage solutions are the best for storing many items, including breakables. The inside temperature is optimal 24/7 and perfect for sensitive items that require special care. Hiring removalists who will properly transport and store all wedding items might be a good idea.

There are many types of venues to choose from

Besides restaurants and banquet halls, you can choose from various venue options. For instance, golf course weddings have become popular for those who need a lot of space for their upcoming wedding. You may organise an urban loft wedding in a brick-wall spacious venue with high ceilings, large windows, and a gorgeous view. In addition, rooftop weddings are a popular, modern way to get married in a non-traditional manner. On the other hand, you may opt for outdoor venues in case you plan your wedding reception during summer: ● Beach ● Vineyard ● Mountain lodge ● By the lake

You can have a wonderful wedding wherever you decide

Picking the right wedding venue comes down to what you enjoy the most. You can have all the fun by the beach, or in your favourite restaurant. Keep in mind that a wedding should never be a competition. If you enjoy smaller yet cosy weddings, there's no need to plan a large-scale wedding to impress everyone. After all, your special day is for you and your partner primarily!