How to Avoid Stress and Stay Organised During Wedding Planning

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How to Avoid Stress and Stay Organised During Wedding Planning

Published: 01 March 2023

Your wedding should be your great moment and opportunity to share your happiness with your loved ones. And most importantly, it should be fun. But to be honest, it rarely is. The vast majority of engaged people (in some studies, over 70%) testify that they have increased stress levels and sleep problems. Wedding planning is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. You already have problems balancing work, relationships, and paying bills. On top of all this: your search for the perfect location, choice of clothes, invitations, and bills. However, with a few tips on how to avoid stress and stay organised while planning your wedding, it can be what it should be, a wonderful experience.


Make guest lists and set a budget

The first thing you need to do is create a guest list. Determining the number of guests you will have at the wedding is necessary because of the budget planning and finding the right venue but also to avoid dealing with guest list drama between you and your future spouse, parents, and in-laws. Setting boundaries early on in the process will help you avoid unpleasantness later. First, make a list of guests without whom you cannot imagine your wedding, and later, according to the budget you set or the space you choose, you can expand that list.

Set realistic expectations

Searching for wedding inspiration on social media, we keep coming across photos that look perfect, and no matter what we do, we can't get anywhere close to it. But your wedding isn't a competition, and you're not getting married for a few good photos on social media. Comparing yourself to others is the shortest path to stress and dissatisfaction. Make sure your expectations are realistic. Set a budget and try to stay within it. Direct your focus to the things that really matter to you. It is unrealistic to expect that everything will precisely go as you planned. If you make everyone attending feel happy,

Make a to do list

Planning a wedding involves many responsibilities you will have to deal with. Jumping into it without a preconceived plan is a sure way to anxiety. Think carefully about all the responsibilities that await you, whether it is the wedding itself or not, and plan the steps to solve them successfully. Use checklists, calendars, or free apps on the Internet. This way, you will have everything in one place and easily keep track of deadlines and budgets. It's not just wedding obligations that have to be a source of stress. Sometimes a job change and relocation await you at the same time. In that case, try to make your
move stress-free with the help of professionals and their stress-reducing tips for planning a long-distance move.

Delegate tasks

Don't even try to do it all yourself. You have a monumental task ahead of you. No matter how independent and organised person you are, you will need help in this situation. Don't be shy to ask your family and friends for it. If you are not ready to entrust the most important tasks to anyone, choose those that are not crucial and clear your schedule. You will save time and energy and will be able to devote yourself to more significant tasks. Hire professionals if you have the opportunity. Their experience and advice will help you achieve your dream wedding without stress.

Choose the right suppliers

If you want to avoid stress and stay organised during wedding preparations, the most critical thing will be creating a team of suppliers you trust to turn your vision into reality. Be sure to hire the most important ones early. Read the entire contract and ask for clarification if necessary. Hiring a wedding planner is optional, but if you decide to hire one, they will likely help you source the other suppliers you need since they often work with them. It can save you a lot of time. If you decide to hire them yourself, you will have to find the following: ● venue ● videographers and photographers ● hair and makeup professionals ● flower shop ● music professionals ● caterers

What to do when fatigue catches up with you

Even if you do everything right, wedding planning will take its toll eventually. You will have to find a way to get rid of piled-up stress. Take time every day to take care of yourself. Whether it is a warm bath or a glass of wine in the evening, the choice is yours. Go to the gym Hitting the gym is the right way to take your mind off the wedding and burn up stress hormones in your body. You can also try meditative yoga to keep your mind and body happy. Go out of town Spend the weekend with your partner or friends in a pleasant place away from the city. Get a good night's sleep Set a bedtime and turn off all electronic devices at least an hour before getting to bed. And most importantly, always keep in mind what it's all about and why you're getting married in the first place.

Identify the source of wedding planning stress

If you want to manage stress successfully, the first thing you need to do is locate its source. The most common reasons people may feel stressed while planning their wedding may be: ● Trust ● Problems with the budget ● You feel overwhelmed ● Too high expectations ● Guest list drama


Maybe the fact that you have to make all those decisions and wedding planning just isn't your cup of tea. The most important thing is to know that you and your partner are the main characters in that story and that you have the right to feel good. It's okay to compromise, but not at the cost of making you feel bad. And you are not alone. Many people around you are ready to share the burden with you.