Original Ways to Make Your Winter Wedding Stand Out

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Original Ways to Make Your Winter Wedding Stand Out

Published: 30 November 2022

If we had to choose the single most dreamed-of day in any girl’s life, it would have to be her wedding. It happens so often in each lady’s mind that when it comes to it in real life, the pressure is high for everything to be perfect. Most people select warmer seasons for this important date, but sometimes, willingly or due to some other circumstances, winter is when you and your love are joined into holy matrimony. If that is the case with you, here’s some exciting news. For example, your wedding can be even more fabulous than the one in spring. Here are some original ways to make your winter wedding stand out and be unforgettable. Turn your winter wedding into a fairy tale Winter is all about magic and miracles, which is why you can make your winter wedding a fairy tale to remember. We all know that fairy tales are based on magic and love and happy endings – exactly what your wedding can be based on. Have those principles in mind when you design all aspects of your big day. Your invitations should hint at the magical quality of the day they are sent for. Choose a wedding attire fit for a prince and princess. Decorate the path down the aisle with some super-romantic elements such as white roses, candles, or feathers. You can even think of exchanging some very romantic vows that will highlight the magic of the entire event. Basically, let the little girl or boy in you organize a wedding with all those fairy tales to serve as inspirations. Regardless of whether your wedding is a big one or a small one, it can become a winter fairy tale everyone will talk about for years. Having a themed wedding will surely make your winter wedding stand out. Weddings are romantic, so they’re a perfect opportunity to  make them a themed event. Winter weddings, in particular, can take several directions. One good idea is to make them Christmas-themed and to use Traditional Christmas decorations in red, green, and gold. The wedding venue can be arranged in these three colours, making Poinsettia the dominating flower. Everyone loves Christmas, so that the guests will be delighted. Alternatively, you can choose a winter wonderland theme that can be equally interesting and effective.


Provide original party favours such as snow globes Many people give their guests unique souvenirs so they will never forget that beautiful day. Winter wedding allows for cool party favours such as custom-made snow globes with your wedding photo inside. That unique object will add to the winter holidays decoration set. Each year you and your guests will  prepare your items carefully for winter storage. As you do that, you will remember the wedding where this incredible memorabilia came from. This will ensure that your big day is remembered for a long time. Let the white, gold, and crystals dominate the space Not everyone likes themed weddings, but you will need to decide on the color scheme for your decorations. Winter is a period of snow and ice, so to be united, choose white as the dominant colour. Also, add golden details and lots of crystals that will introduce luxury and elegance to the whole thing. If you can pick between various wedding venues, make sure the one you choose already has the interior that will most successfully blend with your wedding decoration. That way, you will not have to add elaborate decoration pieces, saving you some money. Introduce the elements of winter magic onto the cake Your wedding cake is the most personalized item in this whole endeavour. You can use it as your canvas to depict something specific to your relationship. But the general look of the cake can also be winter-specific, and that will be something your guests will be stunned about but charmed by. Glittery snowflakes or white, elegant reindeer are by no means a common sight on wedding cakes, but with a few love-related details and an elegant couple on top, they will make for the most fabulous wedding cake anyone has ever seen. Light up the dance floor with snow-flake-shaped lights Speaking of snowflakes, they can end up on your dance floor. There are dance floor lights that can be in the shape of snowflakes. Have you ever seen something like that at a wedding? Neither have your guests, and they are unlikely to ever stop talking about it. Ice sculptures are much more effective at winter weddings It is not uncommon, especially at some more costly weddings, to have ice sculptures as a decorative item somewhere near the happy couple’s table. Some find it tacky, and some love it. But an ice sculpture at a winter wedding is a completely different story. The ice sculpture is no longer a tacky waste of money but a luxurious detail that symbolizes the time of the year when this beautiful day is happening. To make it even more in sync with the ambiance of cold and winter, choose the shape of it to be either a romantic couple or something winter specific.


Ice cream in winter? Healthier than in summer! First of all, many doctors say that it is not as healthy to ingest something that is of radically different temperature than your environment. For example, having tea in summer is much healthier than in winter, given that your body is not subjected to extreme heat at the moment and is in need of cool air, of course. Similarly, we can consider ice cream to be healthy in winter. Your guests will love it. It will add to the wintery quality of the event, and it will be a unique dessert. “Their wedding was in winter. We ate ice cream in elegant dresses while it was snowing outside.” That’s what your guests will be saying. It sounds nice and unique, doesn’t it? Final thoughts As you can see, there are original ways to make your winter wedding stand out and be the most talked about event of the year. All you need to do is release all your creative energy and direct it toward coming up with the most beautiful wedding story set in ice and snow that your future grandchildren will love listening to over and over again.