Planning A Summer Wedding - Indoor or Outdoor

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Planning A Summer Wedding - Indoor or Outdoor

Published: 05 April 2022

Planning a summer wedding is a magical but, at the same time, overwhelming experience filled with different decisions you have to make. From choosing the wedding theme to the smallest details, such as picking the types of flowers and napkin colours - there is really a lot of work involved. However, the indoor vs outdoor venue dilemma is what couples find most challenging to resolve when planning a summer wedding. To help you decide what option is best for you, we've prepared the pros and cons of both. In fact, we're sure that you'll make up your mind by the end of this article and immediately start looking for that perfect venue.

Planning a summer wedding

When planning for any big event, the weather must work in your favour. The same holds for weddings. June, August, and September are the most popular months to tie the knot. And, it’s not only because you are more likely to avoid getting rained out or have more time to party. No, it's also because you have more flower options to choose from, your guests will be able to dance the night away (let’s face it, nothing beats summer nights), and, finally, you can choose between indoor and outdoor venues. Finally, if you’re planning to move into a bigger home right after the wedding and start a family, you get to enjoy all the benefits of relocating during summer. For instance, predictable weather, longer days, a solid real estate market, etc., make it the perfect season for this.


Even though most people associate summer with outdoor weddings, that's not always the best choice. Before making the final call and declaring a winner in an indoor vs outdoor battle, you must consider both options thoroughly. So, to help you, further in this article, you'll find their pros and cons.

Pros and cons of organising an indoor summer wedding

Pro: You're the one who's in control One of the biggest advantages of organising an indoor wedding is that you can be prepared in advance. You'll have more control over your surroundings and get to decorate the space the way you want to. Plus, you won't have to worry about unpredictable weather as your guests will be perfectly comfortable in the beautiful hotel venue you've chosen. The moody UK weather would be the last thing to have on your mind. Con: Indoor venues come with limitations Indoor weddings, unfortunately, do not usually have the same level of openness as outdoor ones. If you're expecting a large number of guests, seat limits may become an issue. Or, imagine your photographer is attempting to catch all of the moments in a small space. It could get really hectic if you don't plan everything in detail. Thus, make sure to do your research and find a perfect wedding venue where you and your guests will feel comfortable. Pro: You won't have to worry about staying cool Even if you end up organising an indoor summer wedding in the middle of a heatwave, you won't have anything to worry about. Indoor venues are equipped with air conditioning, so you won't have to worry about anyone overheating or feeling uncomfortable in any way. Con: Indoor weddings can be quite expensive Expenses, particularly the increased cost of décor, might be a stumbling block. Decorations can be costly, especially if you're trying to carry out a specific theme. The cost of flowers, backgrounds, lighting and air conditioning may quickly mount up. So, always keep in mind that even the most opulent hotels and rustic lofts require more decoration than an outdoor location. To obtain your desired style, make sure to leave some room in your budget. Pros and cons of organising an outdoor summer wedding Pro: You can be surrounded by gorgeous scenery The biggest benefit of organising an outdoor summer wedding is that you can enjoy sharing your vows with the beautiful backdrop of nature. You can even find a unique venue that will leave all of your guests in awe. Breathtaking scenery also means stunning photographs you'll get to cherish forever. An outdoor location will give your photographer an entire arsenal of locations and ideas for perfect shots. Plus, there's no better filter than natural light, so your photos won't require intensive editing. Con: You can't predict the weather or control the pests However, there is no guarantee that your big day won't be ruined by weather, and when it comes to the UK, rain is anything but unusual. On the other hand, even too much sun can ruin the fun for everyone. Scorching weather can make your guests quite agitated, and the fact that there's nothing to do about it can completely ruin the atmosphere of your wedding. Pro: Outdoor weddings are usually less expensive You'll already get a stunning backdrop if you choose an outdoor wedding. You can be sure that an outdoor wedding will have a lovely environment, whether you choose one of the beautiful gardens, a big mountain range, or a cliff with an ocean view.


Weddings outside can be less expensive than weddings inside. Because of the stunning scenery and the fact that you and your partner will be the focus of attention, you won't need many more decorations. Another area where you can save money is at a florist. The outdoors will provide you with the organic, soft sensation you desire at no additional cost. Con: The lack of modern conveniences Another disadvantage of an outdoor wedding is the lack of modern amenities. Although there's always a chance that the lighting will be perfect, the odds are that it won't. Glares or dullness can be caused by too much sun or too many clouds, which has a significant impact on the quality of your wedding images. Restrooms are another modern benefit you could overlook. Renting lavatories might be expensive depending on the number of attendees at your wedding. If not appropriately planned, outdoor weddings can definitely be less convenient and comfortable for your guests than indoor weddings.

Indoor vs. outdoor - what will it be for your summer wedding?

We hope our list of pros and cons helps you make up your mind and decide where to tie the knot and have the most memorable day of your life. Planning a summer wedding is daunting, but you should always remember that this is YOUR day. As long as you and your loved one are happy with the choice, that's really all that matters.