Planning a pet-friendly wedding

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Planning a pet-friendly wedding

Published: 09 May 2022

Most people can't imagine saying their "I dos" without their pets being there. They are our furry family members, so, naturally, you want to include them in your wedding. However, planning a pet-friendly wedding is slightly different and may come with particular challenges. That's why it's crucial to start planning ahead of time and be mindful of even the most minor details. So before you start browsing through Wedding Venue Offers for your perfect venue, here's everything you need to know about organising a pet-friendly wedding.

Tips for planning a pet-friendly wedding

It makes complete sense that you want to have your pet with you when you get married. But what does this look like? People often ask how they can make sure their fur-friendly wedding is a good time for them and their pets. To make sure you have the best experience possible at your pet-friendly wedding, we've put together a guide to help you plan. By the time you've finished reading, you'll feel confident and ready to welcome your pet to your big day.

Observe the day from your pet's point of view

The key to a successful wedding is to sit down and write a detailed plan. However, this time, try to do it from your pet's point of view. Further in this article, we'll focus on dogs as they're the most common furry wedding guests. However, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, and even reptiles are not unusual at weddings. First, make sure that it's a good idea for your dog to be at your wedding. While some dogs love meeting new people, others might be shy and overwhelmed. If your dog feels anxious and scared around big groups of people, perhaps it's best if they stay with a dog sitter. You can instead consider having your engagement photos done with your pet. Even though you'd love having them there, it's not worth it if they don't feel good. You need to ensure your pet feels comfortable, so don't forget to pack anything they might need to feel that way. Given that it's your wedding day and you'll have a lot of things to handle, you might need assistance with this task. Consider hiring packing services to help you pack and move anything from your home to the wedding venue. This is especially helpful if your venue is out of town.

Find a pet-friendly venue

Because not all venues allow animals, check with the site management before bringing your "flower pup" or "ring dog." Perhaps you can have an outside ceremony with your pet present and then send her home with a pet sitter, or maybe there's a place on-site where your dog can relax and nap during the reception. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly research wedding venues and we're sure you'll quickly find the one that will be happy to accommodate your furry friend. And always remember - when planning a pet-friendly wedding, communication is much more critical, so don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need.


Gather a pet-friendly crew

Keep in mind that your venue isn't the only thing that must be pet-friendly. You also need to make sure that your wedding planner, officiant, and photographer are dog lovers, too. Don't forget to inform your wedding party, as well. The last thing you want is to witness an awkward situation and have your big day completely ruined. Plus, it will be a lot easier to communicate and plan with people who share the same love and passion for animals as you do.

Decide on your pet's role

The next step in organising your pet-friendly wedding is to decide on your dog's role. There are several ways to include your pet in your wedding. However, you need to be sure the animal will be comfortable enough to perform them. The position should be a natural fit for them and based on their personality. You can decide whether they're suited for a trusted friend, a greeter, or a ring bearer. For example, if you have a puppy who is easily distracted or does not like to release their ball during play is not a good choice for a ring bearer. The good idea is to include your furry buddy in the bride's getting-ready room to help calm her anxiety. Or they can play outside with the groom and his groomsmen. This will make for fantastic photos and memories you'll cherish forever. However, it's crucial to familiarise your dog with the area, train them, and practise activities for your big day. Ensure your pet is taken care of on your big day. When planning your pet-friendly wedding, keep in mind that your dog will undoubtedly require a caregiver. To ensure your furry buddy is happy and comfortable, choose a responsible friend who your dog already knows or a trained handler to look after them. You need to find someone to take full responsibility for your dog on your big day. This means safe transportation to and from the wedding and their wedding day chores, potty breaks, exercise, and food. So don't rush your decision until you're sure you've found someone your dog will feel good around.


Think twice about bringing your dog into the reception area as, in most circumstances, it's not the best idea. Keep in mind that dogs perceive the world through their sense of smell, so the combination of new fragrances, food, loud music, and dancing at the reception could cause undue stress.

The bottom line

And that's it - as you can see, planning a pet-friendly wedding isn't difficult if you make sure to prepare in advance thoroughly. Remember, before you even start looking at wedding offers, think about your pet's personality and determine if they'd feel comfortable in such a setting. Only then can you start planning the most important day of your life. We wish you "ha-paw-ly" ever after!