Pros and Cons of Organising a Big Wedding

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Pros and Cons of Organising a Big Wedding

Published: 08 March 2022

When planning your wedding, the first question you and your future spouse should ask yourself is, "How big do we want our wedding to be?". This is probably the most important thing to agree on as it has an enormous impact on everything from your wedding budget to choosing a perfect wedding venue. So before organising a big wedding, you and your loved one should sit down and thoroughly consider what kind of wedding you want to have. To help you, we've prepared a list of pros and cons that will hopefully assist in steering your decision in the right direction.

Is organising a big wedding the right choice for you?

Perhaps you thought moving in together and entering a married life was complicated. However, this can be simple and quite easy, especially compared to planning a big wedding. Organising even the smallest wedding can be stressful and challenging. However, as your guest list grows, so do the challenges and obstacles you'll have to overcome. To help you decide whether hosting a big wedding is the right choice for you, we've prepared a list of pros and cons.

Pro: Everyone's invited

Having a big wedding means no one's feelings will get hurt. Unlike when arranging a small event, you won't get a chance to disappoint many people because you will include everyone. If causing drama by having an intimate wedding is one of your biggest concerns, a bigger wedding party will relieve you of this stress.

Con: Everyone's invited

Inviting everyone comes with downsides. Even though you'll avoid upsetting someone by inviting them, you'll create the potential for more drama by having a big wedding party. A problematic distant relative or childhood friend you haven't seen in ages can put a damper on the whole experience and ruin the day for everyone. Thus, make sure to choose your wedding party members carefully. As soon as you complete this task, you'll be able to handle the stress of planning the rest of your wedding much easier.

Pro: You'll get lots of help

Having a big wedding party means always having someone to help you with any aspect of your wedding. From attending wedding fairs and helping you choose everyone's attire, to even picking up your Great Aunt from the airport - your bridesmaids and groomsmen got your back!

Con: You'll get lots of opinions

On top of getting a helpful crowd of people to help you handle the stress of organising a big wedding, you'll also be getting their opinions. From your attire and flowers to the choice of music and venue, be prepared for many comments. This can make things confusing and more difficult for you. To avoid this, we advise choosing an "inner circle" of your closest friends and family members. They can help you with crucial decisions and be there to support you without making things more difficult.


Pro: You get to enjoy some fantastic pre-wedding events

One of the biggest advantages of having a big wedding is many amazing pre-wedding events. Given you'll have so many people planning and attending, you can count on having unforgettable bachelorette and bachelor parties. What's more fun than getting a chance to celebrate with your loved ones even before your actual wedding day?!

Con: Organising and coordinating pre-wedding events is demanding

Even though pre-wedding events implicate having a lot of fun, they also mean handling scheduling and budgeting while listening to numerous opinions simultaneously. It can be very difficult to reach a consensus, especially when a large group of people is involved. Coordinating pre-wedding events is not the only tricky part. Your organisational skills have to be at a top-level from the second you start planning your wedding until you say "I do." The more people you have to coordinate with, the more complex everything gets. Thus, make sure to choose the maid of honour and the best man who can handle all critical tasks.


Pro: You get to choose an amazing venue

Organising a big wedding gives you a great excuse to go big and fancy with your venue. Of course, this doesn't stop you from getting married in your parents' backyard, but with a guest list that big, you'll surely want to have a bigger venue. Now is a perfect time to find a place you've always imagined, and there are so many options. You can choose whatever you like the most, from gorgeous country houses to lovely gardens. By choosing an amazing venue, you'll also get an opportunity to take great wedding photos and create lifetime memories. Imagine looking at your wedding photos after decades of marriage or showing your kids a stunning castle surrounded by breath-taking scenery where you said your "I do's." Sounds perfect, right?

Con: You also get to pay for that amazing venue and so much more

A big wedding can cost a small fortune. Not only will you have to pay for the stunning venue, but a bigger wedding also means more food and drinks, more cake, more tables and chairs -more everything! But remember - it's your wedding day and if a big wedding is what you want and have the means to finance it, go for it. Even though you're marrying the love of your life is enough, there is no reason not to go bigger and give yourself the wedding of your dreams. Enjoy organising your big or small wedding! As you can see, there are plenty of advantages and downsides of organising a big wedding. The decision of whether you and your loved one should embark on this adventure is entirely subjective and depends on your personal preferences. No matter what you decide, we're sure you'll have a fantastic day in the wedding venue of your dreams, surrounded by everyone you love.