Things You Need To Consider When Planning A Sports Themed Wedding

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Things You Need To Consider When Planning A Sports Themed Wedding

Published: 26 February 2020

There’s a growing trend among those preparing to walk down the aisle. While the traditional wedding ceremony and subsequent reception remain popular, there’s an added twist, incorporating a “theme” into that special day. Wedding themes have grown in popularity, ranging from beach themes to holiday themes, but there is growing popularity shifting toward sports-themed weddings. From the basketball court to the football pitch even onto the putting green, there are a host of sporty themes to choose from. Here are some things to consider when planning a sports-themed wedding.


The Invitations A great way to introduce your guests to this innovative approach is right at the beginning, with the invitation. Replicating a ticket to a sporting event, or maybe a golf scorecard featuring the “first hole” can inform everyone on the guest list, not only of the details of when and where, but get them prepared for the atmosphere they’re about to find themselves surrounded by. The Favors, Table Numbers, and Escort Cards Direct your guests to their seats with a “will-call” window themed table. Add to that some ticket-inspired cards to make the game-day experience seem more realistic. Mini basketballs or football could also be branded with your “team’s” name and are fun ideas for favours. Incorporate your table decor to match the escort card table and even get creative assigning jersey numbers on the cards to correspond to the table numbers. The Guestbook Options for a sports-themed guestbook are many. For baseball fans, have your guests sign baseballs, or even a large-scale home plate that could be displayed in your home in the future. Hockey fans could have hockey sticks available with open spaces for signatures. Golfers can have their guests sign a “scorecard” just like the pros do. The Programme After receiving your “ticket” to the event, baseball fans could provide their guests wedding programmes in the form of a baseball scorecard, listing the wedding party as members of the team, with corresponding positions and an inning by inning schedule of the day.


The Colour Scheme While you can take the easy option of simply plastering your reception in team gear and colours, you can incorporate layers of subtle colours representing your team loyalty. Choosing flowers and natural items that contain the colours of your favourite team can accent any neutral items that would ordinarily be included in the wedding decor. The Accessories Think about monogrammed cufflinks or colourful socks for the groomsmen in your team’s favourite colours. For the golfers, maybe include matching golf bucket hats for the wedding party, or colour-matched golf gloves for the bridesmaids. The Food Why not skip the stuffy dinner tradition and set up your menu to represent a high-end tailgate, complete with your favourite cuisine and beverages set up in a sports team-friendly decor. Incorporate your favourite game-time snacks serving them up stadium-style for your guests to enjoy an after-dinner treat while hitting the dance floor - which can be set up to look like your preferred field, court, or golf course setting. The Cake While a sports-themed groom’s cake is not anything new, a wedding cake representing the current theme can offer a wide array of options for creativity. To show off the couple's love for the sport, top a two-tier confection with a golf ball from the country club venue or any number of cake toppers highlighting the sport of choice. Of course, if a full-blown sports-themed wedding cake is less of an understanding idea for a bride to be, look to a maybe more understated approach? Have the middle sections of the cake match your team colours, or some accents utilising pennants or other tasteful sports-related items. The Photo Booth With the onset of instant photography, photo booths are becoming more and more common at wedding receptions. Turn your booth into a game, filled with fun sports-themed props and memorabilia. Maybe have each guest create their own photo using a sports magazine cover or backdrop as a party favour. Signature Drinks When setting up the beverage options for your guests, have a little play on the sports theme by creating drinks with names that correspond to your sport. If your theme is based on a team, have the drinks mixed and created in your team colours, or serve them in glasses or souvenir type cups guests can keep remembering your day. Author bio: “Jordan is a golf coach and mentor. He is also a golf writer and owner of Jordan writes tips and tricks on how to improve the game and other related things about golf. When he got married to his wife, which he met at the golf course, they both planned and enjoyed a lovely golf-themed wedding.” Written by Jordan -


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