The Latest Trends for a Minimalist Wedding

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The Latest Trends for a Minimalist Wedding

Published: 04 October 2022

Wedding organisation is really a task. There are so many things to do and so much stress to handle. Everything must look perfect, from the wedding venue to decoration, music, and food. However, that should be your day only. You and your beloved one should be the focus. All the glitter and shine of the wedding setting must not steal it from you. Maybe that's why the minimalist look is becoming more and more popular. For all willing to try this style on your special day, here are some of the latest trends for a minimalist wedding that may help you out.

1. The wedding venue

The first thing you should deal with is the choice of the wedding venue. When it comes to minimalist-style weddings, the best possible choice would be some industrial space or a backyard. That's why many people choose barns or warehouses for their wedding venues. A neutral environment, with not too many details, exudes simplicity and opens numerous possibilities for creativity. What's more, it looks completely natural, which is compatible with the aesthetics you want to gain.


2. Stick to neutral, but don't be too strict

Everybody knows that minimalism praises neutral colours palette. Dusty grey and sandy nuances, basic beige, and white are perfect for the simple style ambiance. However, the latest trends for a minimalist wedding state that neutrals are good, as long as they are not too boring. To prevent this, you can always add some decorative elements in strong bright colours, interesting shapes, or velvet fabrics.

3. Effective yet delicate greenery- according to the latest trends for a minimalist wedding

Although floral themes are the usual choice for weddings, minimalist style gives a slight advantage to the mixture of greenery. It is simple and helps bring earthly tones to the wedding scene. On the other hand, it perfectly matches the neutral palette of colours popular with the minimalist style. Still, if you can't give up floral elements and wish to make the scene a bit more vivid, adding several colourful flowers won't hurt. What's more, at this part, hiring some professional help is more than helpful. Experienced wedding organisers will offer you some great ideas. They can be beneficial if, in all the wedding planning chaos, you also need to think about moving in together as newlyweds. They can deal with the style while you are figuring out ways to make the process simpler and handle the move with no stress.

4. Decoration and setting

Many people dream about a perfect wedding far before that day comes. Thus, it is not strange that they are obsessed with every detail while planning it. That brings us to the point of wedding decoration and setting. Bare wooden chairs or some minimalist benches are an excellent choice for seating arrangements. They perfectly match the natural look. And, if you add a ribbon in your favourite colour or wave some greenery between them, you'll make them look unique. On the other hand, the table setting is one of the things that seems to be very important, too. White tablecloths, with a single bloom decoration in the centre, would be more than enough. Although it may not seem like that, this table set will be equally effective as the extravagant decoration with huge floral arrangements. And, if you add some rustic wooden table signages with metal numbers on each of the guest tables, the whole scene will be ideal.


5. Add something unique

If luxurious weddings are just not your cup of tea, you should definitely turn to the more minimalist wedding style. However, that doesn't mean that your wedding has to be plain and ordinary. On the contrary, you can make it completely unique. • Hang some dried flowers from the ceiling. • Decorate guest tables with glass vases filled with wild grass rather than with flowers. • Bring an interesting couch to the outdoor venue. These are only some of the ideas on how to add your personal touch to the minimalist wedding style and not ruin the whole picture.

6. The unusual ideas for the wedding cake

Give up traditional wedding cakes with heavy decoration. Instead, choose a minimalist, so-called naked cake or a lovely white cake with marbled fondant. Still, if this seems too simple for your taste, you can choose it to be hexagon shaped rather than a circle or add some metallic hints to break the white background. And when it comes to the bar chart that will bring your beautiful cake to the scene, a simple vintage one will be perfect. Decorated with only several roses, it will leave all the fame to its majesty, 'the wedding cake.'

7. And the attire

Finally, to make this story complete, we cannot but mention the wedding attire. Brides should wear sleek, white wedding dresses with clean lines, while grooms should pick classical black, taupe, or cream suits. The whole idea is that attire should serve to highlight the bride's and groom's natural beauty, not to upstage it. On the other hand, adding several details to the overall look cannot hurt. Women can wear nice pearl earrings or a simple bracelet or bring up some strategic pop of colour in terms of small detail. When it comes to men, they can revive their neutral styling with a pair of interesting shoes, a belt, or a tie. These latest trends for a minimalist wedding are stealing the throne from the traditional ones step by step. People choose them because they look simple, they're adjustable, and they definitely seem sophisticated. With this kind of wedding trend, the focus would certainly turn from the decorations and the beauty of the venue to the most important segment of the wedding, the bride and the groom themselves. Thus, for all those who prefer elegance, a modern minimalist style is the best choice.