The Pros and Cons of a Themed Wedding

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The Pros and Cons of a Themed Wedding

Published: 08 November 2022

Types of Themed Weddings A wedding theme can be anything; the options are endless. If you have a favourite historical period or a favourite tv show, that can be a theme. A destination wedding to an exotic place can be a theme in itself. Or, if you love a specific subgenre of popular culture like sci-fi or comic book superheroes, fairy tales, and even sports, all of those things make for super exciting wedding themes your guests will remember forever.  You've probably seen viral photos online of all ideas and costumes, and it can be enticing to consider something like that. But before you fully commit to a theme, let's get into all the advantages and disadvantages of a themed wedding. The Pros We want to start on a high note when considering the pros and cons of a themed wedding. The following are usually the reasons people go for themed weddings in the first place: Chance to Enjoy Yourself and be Inventive A themed wedding is an exciting and memorable event for everyone invited. It's also an excellent opportunity for friends and family of the couple to express their creativity and have fun with the theme. For the soon-to-be-newlyweds, it's also a chance to throw a wedding party of their dreams that they have fantasized about since they were little. Or, if the couple met or got closer because of a shared interest (like a book or a tv show), this is a chance for them to share their love story with everybody they know.  Everyone Gets Involved When adequately executed, themed weddings may create great, life-long memories for you and your guests. That is important because most weddings today look alike. All those minimalistic weddings start to blend in your mind after a while. However, you'll never forget a Game of Thrones or Hawaiian beach-themed wedding you attended. You have the chance to engage your visitors directly when you have a theme. They can dress up in theme-appropriate attire, and it can even inspire them to think of a present to offer you. Additionally, the topic will offer your guests something to bond over and discuss. It's fun for everyone! It Can be Affordable That depends on your selected theme, but you could discover that it pays off to make your decorations or dress up in clothes you already own. For instance, if your wedding has a vintage theme, you might be able to wear your grandmother's old wedding dress and borrow some of her accessories.


The Cons Now that we covered most of the pros, let's get into some of the main cons of having a themed wedding: Costs May Add Up You'll discover that some wedding themes will cost far more than others. Specific decorations, accessories, and services could cost extra. For instance, if your wedding has a fantasy theme, you'll probably discover that renting a horse-drawn carriage is more expensive than booking a straightforward stretch limo. Uncooperative Guests Remember how we stated that having a themed wedding gives your guests an enjoyable, life-changing experience? That's accurate, but it's not necessarily true for every visitor. Some visitors will only object to dressing up or participating in a theme. On a day that should be about joy and love, these folks can wind up having a terrible experience. That is especially possible if your chosen subject matter doesn't align with their preferences. Would a Harry Potter-themed wedding be enjoyable for someone who hasn't read the books or seen the movies? It could be worthwhile to make the theme more understated and to specify on your invites that costumes are not required. Hard to Get Right Much planning and preparations go into planning a wedding, especially if there's a theme. You might have to search extra hard to find the right venue that fits all the people you want to invite and fits the theme. In the end, if done correctly, themed weddings may look gorgeous. A theme may raise the aesthetic bar for your wedding if you work with a skilled wedding planner or possess artistic talent. However, the risk is that a themed wedding done incorrectly might look rubbish. Your wedding guests could cringe if you don't do it correctly. Holiday-related themes (like Christmas or Halloween), seasonal themes, and media-related themes all entail a higher probability of this happening than others (books and TV series). Other Considerations As we already said, planning a wedding is hard work. If you don't hire a wedding planner, most work will fall on you. So, don't be the kind of couple where only one person does the planning. Instead, you both need to commit to it and plan together. Of course, it is easier said than done, especially if you don't yet live together. Depending on your plans for the future and current financial situation, decide on the best time to move in together, before or after the wedding. 


Final Thoughts When you look at the pros and cons of a themed wedding, it's clear there's no correct answer. It would help to decide what feels right for you and your partner. Don't feel compelled to choose a theme out of thin air merely to host the wedding of the century, in general. You two could regret it in the future since it will feel forced. With all the anxiety and excitement, it's pretty simple to become overexcited. Therefore, you must ensure that your subject is subtle and straightforward. When you show it to your children in the future, it won't be horrifying because it will be classic and exquisite this way.