Check These Tips Out Before Planning A Golf Course Wedding

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Check These Tips Out Before Planning A Golf Course Wedding

Published: 29 April 2022

Whether or not you’re a fan of golf as a sport, let’s be honest: golf courses are usually absolutely beautiful. There’s something very fresh and natural about the scenery on a golf course, and what better place to say your vows and start a new chapter of life with the person you love? If golf is a particular love for you or your significant other, you truly can make golf the theme of the day, complete with gear as decor and maybe a couple’s putt or two! But even if you know nothing about the sport, there’s something spectacular about getting married surrounded by vast green slopes, stunning trees, and white sand bunkers. Here are our top tips for planning a golf course wedding to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

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Why Choose a Golf Club for Your Special Day?

First and foremost - the stunning scenery and majestic golf course views! There are few places on earth as beautiful as a golf course, and as accessible when it comes to your special day. Secondly, many golf courses are able to plan and handle every aspect of your big day, from ceremony to celebration. As most courses have an on-site kitchen and catering team, they’re likely to be able to offer you catering as part of your wedding day package, as well as decor and set-up. Now that you know why it’s a great idea, here’s what we suggest doing during your planning to make the process as stress-free as possible!

Do Your Research

First of all, not all golf courses have wedding capabilities, so double-check this carefully before getting excited over one particular place! Once you’ve found the right spot that does accommodate weddings, the next step is to find out exactly what they offer. What’s included as a base package if you book a wedding there, and are there “optional extras” that you can add on? This is crucial to determining things like catering and drinks. If they offer food and an in-house bar, it removes some of the stress of having to find that separately. But if not, you’ll need to decide if you’re okay to bring in external caterers (a whole other point of connection and planning) or if you want to find a new spot. Don’t forget to ask about decor and set-up as well. If the golf course staff can take care of that, it minimizes stress and extra planning from your side. Music is another one - do you need to arrange a DJ or band, or is there one available through the course?

Book Early

Don’t wait! Golf course wedding venues can book out up to 18 months in advance, so book as soon as you can to make sure you secure your dream venue. It may be worthwhile to come up with a list of 3 or 4 options so that if you can’t get your first choice you have a backup that you’re still super happy with. Remember you’ll also need to take into account the season, the weather, and the condition of the course. Golf course weddings are less popular in winter, for example, but many are no less stunning. On the other hand, if you’re keen on a spring or summer wedding , you may have to fight the masses for your date.

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Consider Accommodations

If guests will be coming from far and wide to share your day with you, make sure to choose a course with accommodation on-site or nearby. You may also need to book accommodation well in advance, depending on where and for how many. Resort golf courses generally have hotel facilities, so ask about this upfront. Otherwise, do a bit of research on hotels nearby.

Photography Options

You’re bound to get some spectacular photos in a golf course setting. But you don’t only want pics on the golf course… And of course, it could be a little more tricky if the weather isn’t optimal. Make sure the course has other beautiful spots for photography. If they’re an experienced wedding venue, they should be able to show or tell you about the most popular places for photos on the grounds. They may also be able to recommend photographers who have worked at weddings on the course before. They’ll know where to place you for the most stunning photos!

To Golf Or Not to Golf?

If golf is an important part of your life and you’re not just having a golf course wedding for the spectacular beauty, it may be worthwhile to include the game in your wedding celebration too. If you, your spouse-to-be, or important guests are avid golfers, try to take some time around the wedding to get in a round of golf on the course. It could be a fun way for the boys to relieve stress before the big day, or for the families to bond. Even if you aren’t serious golfers, a quick round could be a lot of fun and time for a laugh and some bonding time.


Planning a golf course wedding doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! If you start well in advance and work smart not hard, you’ll find it to be much easier than you may have anticipated. Following these tips will help you choose a gorgeous venue, make sure you don’t miss it by leaving it too late and get the most well-rounded experience possible. Ultimately, planning your wedding should be a joyful and fun experience in itself! Choosing the right golf course venue will help that to become a reality. Whether you’re a golfer or not, choosing a golf course wedding means you’ll be surrounded by beautiful nature and those memories will live on forever. Enjoy! That way, you can also inform guests of this in advance and offer them some accommodation choices.


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