How to Choose a Wedding Ring for a Man

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How to Choose a Wedding Ring for a Man

Published: 05 January 2021

Start by Choosing your Metal Tungsten and titanium are becoming firm favourites when it comes to choosing a Wedding ring, especially for a man. It is no surprise as both tungsten and titanium have many benefits, especially when it comes to strength, durability, and scratch resistance. First off, both tungsten and titanium allow for a variety of colours including silver, black, rose gold, blue, and gold. They come in an abundance of styles using inlays of bright colours such as blue, orange, or red, or have a contrasting groove of gold or silver. There are some unique ring designs made with tungsten and titanium that incorporate natural materials into the ring with stunning effect. Natural wood, shell, and naturally shed deer antler look incredible and offer a ring that is both beautiful and almighty strong. Both tungsten and titanium are stand out strong metals – each making a ring that will stand the test of time no matter what grit, grind, and manual labour you put your ring through. Although both are metals with superpowers, there are differences that may make you prefer one over the other.


Tungsten Carbide Tungsten is a truly tough metal. When it comes to tensile strength (the resistance of material breaking under tension), tungsten is the strongest of all the natural metals. It is also phenomenally hard which is what gives it such tremendous scratch resistance. A diamond is the only substance that is harder than tungsten. This effectively means that diamond is about the only thing that could cause your tungsten ring to get scratched! As you would expect with such a strong metal, a tungsten ring feels solid and substantial. Its weight gives it a sense of importance and reassurance. Unlike metals such as gold and silver, due to its hardness, a tungsten ring will not bend or become out of shape. When you first put your tungsten ring on, rest assured that it will stay looking this good forever. It will not require any tender loving care over its lifetime– just the occasional wipe with a soft cloth if it gets dirty. For many practical men who live active and busy lifestyles, tungsten may well be the perfect choice for a wedding ring. No matter what you are doing, you can keep your ring on knowing that it can take care of itself. Titanium Before you get carried away in your search for a stunning tungsten ring, you need to know that titanium is also a metal with superpowers. Titanium gives you incredible strength and durability and offers excellent scratch resistance. And the exceptional beauty of titanium is that it is weirdly lightweight. A titanium ring is so comfortable to wear that you will hardly even notice that you are wearing a ring. Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element. This explains why titanium has such extreme strength but at the same time is as light as a feather. Men who love swimming can be assured that titanium is highly resistant to most causes of corrosion, including sea water and chlorine. So, whether you spend your time in the pool, or the sea, your titanium ring will survive it all perfectly and will never show signs of corrosion.


Style Once you have decided on your metal, it makes sense to think about style and colour. Both tungsten and titanium rings for men are available in traditional silver and gold. This means that men who prefer a traditional ring can benefit from a gold or silver ring that is made from robust and durable tungsten or titanium. Not only that, both silver and gold rings are available in traditional styles as well as more contemporary designs. Look out for features such as domed shaped rings, bevelled edges, and a mixture of polished and brushed silver or gold. Details such as these make the ring both unique and stylish. Black rings for men have seen a massive increase in popularity over recent years. Black rings are undeniably chic and sexy, making a bold move away from the more traditional gold and silver designs. Rose gold rings for men have also become increasingly popular over recent years. With vintage and romantic appeal, these rings look beautiful but have the incomparable strength and durability of tungsten and titanium. There are some stunning men’s blue ring designs that stand out as distinctive, stylish, and refreshing.


Natural Elements – Wood, Shell, Antler Bone Your ring can also include an inlay of wood, shell, or antler bone. For men who love nature, this is a great way to express your passion. For your Wedding ring, consider a ring that has an inlay of iridescent abalone shell – or natural wood – or naturally shed antler bone. There are so many inspirational ring designs for you to choose from and one to suit every man to perfection. Find out your Ring Size If you are unsure of your ring size, we can help. Simply decide on the ring that is your favourite. Go to add to cart and select ‘I don’t know my ring size’. We will then send you a free ring sizer – let us know your ring size and we will send out your ring for you. We Love Happy Customers We love happy customers so much that we want to help you in any way that we can. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be delighted to help. If you find that the ring you have ordered is not the right size, please let us know and we will exchange it for you (free of charge).

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