All You Need To Know About Lab Created Moissanite and Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

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All You Need To Know About Lab Created Moissanite and Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Published: 12 January 2022

Lily Arkwright are a leading UK jewellers, who specialise in both moissanite engagement rings and lab grown diamond engagement rings, bringing you excellent engagement rings that are a mark of true British craftsmanship. All moissanite offered by Lily Arkwright comes with a limited lifetime warranty, including not only their collection of moissanite engagement rings, but also moissanite earrings and pendants, which make for a gorgeous bridal set. One of Lily Arkwrights are proud partners with the world's number one moissanite producer, Charles and Colvard. With over twenty years experience as the leading moissanite producer, Charles and Colvard were the first company to market moissanite as a jewellery component and offer this moissanite stone in a variety of different cuts and carat sizes from 0.0021ct up-to and over 15.00ct, all of which are faceted to ensure the utmost sparkle. All of their premium forever one stones fall within the internally flawless to very slightly included range (IF-VS) guaranteeing exceptional clarity. The comparative price of a moissanite centre stone versus that of a traditionally mined diamond is much less, allowing you to choose a larger carat or colour variant. If you are certain about wanting an actual diamond why not opt for a lab grown diamond, these also costs much less than a mined diamond.

Serenity Moissanite Engagement Ring

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

There is no discerning difference between diamonds grown in the lab and those found in the earth and it is only a trained jeweller using specialist equipment that would be able to tell a difference between the two. With the exact same chemical composition, the only significant difference between them is the price. Lab diamonds cost upto 50% less than mined stones, making them a brilliant option for couples who want an alternative to the traditional mined diamond engagement ring. As well as this, wearers of lab diamonds can be safe in the knowledge that no individual, family or community have been displaced, violated or harmed whilst producing their piece of jewellery. Lab diamonds will always give off the same extraordinary sparkle as a mined diamond, some mined diamonds however are not cut to ideal specifications but to maximise profit. Depending on the diamond rough shape, diamond cutters can change the number and shape of the facets which results in a cheaper stone. A diamond cut like this may not have any visible imperfections but it will certainly not have the same brilliance as an ideal cut version. All of the diamonds featured in Lily Arkwright’s lab grown diamond engagement ring collection are fully certified, having been independently assessed and verified by strict international IGI criteria. Each ring comes complete with an IGI grading certificate, the same stringent certification that accompanies mined diamonds.

Lillie Moissanite Engagement Ring

An Ethical And Sustainable Choice

One of the major benefits of having a moissanite or lab grown diamond is that they do not have the same human impact as mined diamonds. Unfortunately, due to the nature of mined diamonds there is often a human cost involved, as some mines employ workers in unsafe conditions. As moissanite and lab grown diamonds are produced in the lab there is no need for any mining at all, cutting out any such harmful practices. Lab grown diamond and moissanite engagement rings do not require mining and so have a carbon footprint that is a fraction of the size. Many believe it is worth considering these gemstones over traditionally mined diamonds, not only because of the price difference but because of the clear benefit to the environment.

What Gemstone Should I Pick For My Engagement Ring?

The number and variety of options available when trying to decide on an engagement ring is vast, and the growing popularity of lab grown diamonds and moissanite shows that a move away from traditionally mined diamonds is on the horizon. Ultimately, the choice between moissanite and diamond is down to you, perhaps you’re even considering a different gemstone altogether! If you are really struggling and need some extra guidance on what would suit you the best then you can always pay a visit to Lily Arkwright’s UK showroom for an in-person consultation or alternatively book an online session with one of their JET trained jewellery consultants. Both moissanite and lab grown diamond make for amazing engagement rings and whichever gemstone you choose Lily Arkwright has a bespoke ring design service for those who want something truly unique. As well as the wide range of options available on their website, they are able to work with you personally and make your very own moissanite engagement ring or lab diamond engagement ring, translating your ideas and sketches into a bespoke piece.


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