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Published: 11 February 2020

I got to know Natalie when she come and eat Ice Creams and pancakes with a group of her friends now again. Dylan’s Ice cream was always such a treat for everyone. The staff were a little mad, the decor was light hearted and fun, the produce was local and most importantly the ice cream was mouthwateringly perfect! I was doing my usual of scooping and serving when I cheekily overheard Natalie mention that she works for a local wedding and events venue.


At the time, I had started Emmelina Stork Photography on the side and was looking to push and grow my passion into a full time business. Of course, it was an opportunity I could not resist. With that, I strode up to Natalie and popped the question in hope she wouldn’t see my approach as rude. Not long after, I was being shown around kindly by Natalie, roaming the grounds of Southdowns and exploring the Manor. And with that, from being the manager at Dylan’s Ice Cream shop in Haslemere I became the owner of an up and coming successful business of Emmelina Stork Photography. To do a career that I solely loved and thrived for everyday, was and is still a complete dream. This is where I would like to thank Southdowns Manor for giving the girl in the ice cream shop a chance. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was welcomed from every staff member I met. You couldn’t find a nicer, more hard working and passionate team than that of Southdowns Manor.


The fun bit is exploring the grounds to find the perfect photograph opportunities. Southdowns Manor stride strongly in their tick lists of wedding venues. The venue is nestled in the heart of the South Downs National Park and has exclusive use for couples family and friends. Everything is in house, it’s completely flexible allowing couples to really make it their own and are even pet friendly! They also pride themselves in helping make a dream cost effective wedding. I would say you couldn’t ask for much more! A tradition that drives everyone mad still until his day! I have now photographed over 25 weddings at the venue and cannot wait for this years lot to come. All my wedding couples have just been so enthusiastic and down to earth. I still talk to many of them now! Southdowns has many open days throughout the year where couples have the chance to explore, meet the suppliers and the team. Southdowns Manor regularly update on their Facebook with all their open days where I also attend around half of them.


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