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Wedding Venue Offers Heart

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Your entire wedding teeters on picking the right venue and getting that perfect balance of beauty, formality, and fun so everyone remembers your day for the right reasons.

Choose between the contrast of an exquisite high-dining experience or a simple, elegant barbecue. 
If you are looking for something with classical beauty and the quirkiness of a fairground, look no further. Marleybrook House offers a complete service to make your day as simple as possible so you can concentrate on creating the wedding of your dreams.
Wedding Venue Offers Heart

Fact file

  • Marleybrook House has the UK's largest private Fairground
  • The venue is centred around a stunning 17th Century thatched farmhouse, former house to the legendary international singer, actress and cabaret star Eartha Kitt.
Wedding Venue Offers Heart

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Wedding Venue Offers Heart


Marleybrook House is located in the heart of Preston. A countryside picturesque village, just outside of Canterbury, Kent.

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